Principal Investigator

Portrait of Robert Wang

Robert Wang

Associate Professor

School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy

Wang’s research interests include thermal energy conversion, storage, and transport in nanostructured materials; thermoelectric power generation; thermal storage media; heat transfer, and phonon optics

Lab Members

Postdocs and Students

Ashish Rana

PhD Student

Mechanical Engineering

Shreyas Kanetkar

PhD Student

Chemical Engineering

Rohit Gandhi

M.S. Student

Mechanical Engineering

Lab Alumni

Ph.D. Alumni

Najam Ul Hassan Shah, Ph.D. in ME, 2023 (Co-Advised w/ K. Rykaczewski) – Faculty at University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila

Yanan Zhang, Ph.D. in ME, 2022 – Harbin Boiler Company Ltd.

Aastha Uppal,Ph.D. in ME, 2022 (Co-Advised w/ K. Rykaczewski) – Intel

Wilson Kong, Ph.D. in MSE, 2021 ((Co-Advised w/ K. Rykaczewski) – Postdoc at Air Force Research Laboratory

Zhongyong Wang, Ph.D. in MSE, 2021 – Postdoc at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Prathamesh Vartak, Ph.D. in MSE, 2020 – Intel

Seid Sadat, Ph.D. in ME, 2020 – AV Lab Inc.

Matt Ralphs, Ph.D. in ME, 2019 (Co-Advised w/ K. Rykaczewski) – Space Dynamics Laboratory

Yuanyu Ma, Ph.D. in MSE, 2016 – CG Max Design Corp

Minglu Liu, Ph.D. in ME, 2015 – Intel

M.S. Alumni 

Ming-Hsien Sun, M.S. in ME, 2022 – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

Nathan Casey, M.S. in ChemE, 2022 – (Co-Advised w/ K. Rykaczewski) – ASM America

Ashish Rana, M.S. in ME, 2019 – Ph.D. student at Arizona State University

Jordan Kocher, M.S. in ME, 2019 – Ph.D. student at Georgia Tech

Sanuj Jain, M.S. in ME, 2018 – SunTree Snack Foods

Ninad Sonje, M.S. in ME, 2018 – ASM International N.V. 

Shrinil Shah, M.S. in ME, 2017  – GlobalFoundries

Prajwal Nagaraj, M.S. in ME, 2017  – ASM International N.V.

Sujal Tipnis, M.S. in ME, 2017 (Co-Advised w/ K. Rykaczewski) – ANSYS Fluent

Nicholas Kemme, M.S. in ME, 2017 (Co-Advised w/ K. Rykaczewski) – General Atomics

Manish Nayini, M.S. in ME, 2016 – GlobalFoundries

Kunal Parikh, M.S. in ME, 2015 – ASM International N.V.

Abbas Jaber, M.S. in ME, 2014 – Arizona Public Service

Leah Haling, M.S. in ME, 2014 – Department of Energy

Benjamin Duong, M.S. in ChemE, 2014 – Intel

Norm Fish, M.S. in ME, 2013 – Intel

B.S. Alumni

Matthew Hart, B.S. in ME, 2019 (Co-Advised w/ K. Rykaczewski) – Apple Inc.

Chandler Scheitlin, B.S. in ME, 2018 (Co-Advised w/ K. Rykaczewski) – Ping Golf

Jordan Kocher, B.S. in ME, 2017 – M.S. student at Arizona State University

Samuel Mokdad, B.S. in ME, 2017 – M.S. student at Arizona State University

William Lee, B.S. in ME, 2015 – Intel

Kyle Ness, B.S. in ME, 2014 – Ford Motor Company

Jason Trevithick, B.S. in ChemE, 2014 – Ph.D. student at Colorado School of Mines

Abbas Jaber, B.S. in ME, 2013 – M.S. student at Arizona State University

Andre Fuentes, B.S. in ChemE, 2013 – Frito Lay

Xiying Chen, B.S. in MSE, 2012 – Ph.D. student at Arizona State University

Visiting Researchers

Emil Joseph, 2017-2018, GlobalFoundries